Tuition / Payment Procedures

  • Registration (non-refundable) $125
  • 2's Annual supply fee $85
  • 3's Annual supply fee $95
  • 4's Annual supply fee $100
  • Kindergarten book fee $145

*An activity fee is included in annual fee (all supply and book fees are non-refundable)

Tuition Rates

  • Ages 2-5 years Weekly
  • 5 full days - $160
  • 4 full days - $150
  • 3 full days - $145
  • 3 half days - $125
  • Toddlers (full time only) - $170
  • Infants (full time only) - $185
  • School age (before & after school weekly) - $75

  • Tuition is payable in advance and is due no later than 10:00am on Wednesday
  • Payment may be made by check, money order, through bill pay or cash
  • Failure to pay by 10:00am on Wednesday will result in a late fee of $15
  • Repeated late payments may be grounds for termination
  • Parents more than 2 weeks late on payment will be denied childcare until account is made current

The success of our center depends upon the prompt payment of tuition/fees in order to take care of day to day expenses that are encountered.

*Vacation: After your child has been enrolled at KCDC full time for one year, you may take one week vacation every six months and you will not be required to pay tuition.