Before and after school care is also offered for Kindergarten through 12Yrs of age.

*Please note: Children who attend KCDC can stay no longer than 10 hours per day.

Classes Offered

  • Infant: 6 Weeks - 1 Yrs Old
  • Pre-School: 2Yrs Old - 4Yrs Old
  • Kindergarten: 5Yrs Old

The KCDC Approach

Great care is taken to insure your child’s total development.  Although not exhaustive, the following information will serve as a general overview of out approach to “Total Child Development.”

Language - Communication skills are developed at teach age level through a variety of methods such as stories, conversation and dramatization.

Social Skills - Independence, cooperation and responsibility are encouraged through planning, working and playing in an organized and supervised manner.

Bible Study - Although no particular doctrine is taught, the children are exposed to Bible stories and songs.

Science - The children will come to better understand and appreciate God’s creation through the study of nature as well as experiments, projects and occasional demonstrations by various community helpers and professionals.

Motor skills - Your child’s fine and gross motor skills will be developed as he/she participates in a variety of planned physical activities.

Art & Music - Creativity and imagination are two of the greatest characteristics of children.  At KCDC, we want to encourage both.  Art mediums such as crayons, scissors, paints, etc. and musical activities that develop an understanding of rhythm and melody will foster creativity that serves only to improve all other aspects of a child’s growth and development.

Health and Safety - Your child will learn good health habits as well as safety guidelines that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.